Telecentre Projects

Community Content Facilitation:

CSDMS has been actively engaged in the global telecentre movement since its inception and has organised Asian Telecentre Forum 2006, 2007 and Indian Telecentre Forum 2006, 2007 as part of eAsia 2006, 2007 and eIndia 2006, 2007. Since October 2006, CSDMS joined hands with, a global community of people and organisations committed to increasing the social and economic impact of grassroots telecentres, through knowledge sharing. CSDMS has become the knowledge partner for the programme. We are facilitating the community content from the Asian region. Vignesh Sornamohan of CSDMS is the contact person for this programme. You may reach Vignesh at

Telecentre Magazine:

From all our previous conferences on telecentres there have been more questions raised than the experts could provide answers to. People who are directly or indirectly involved with the telecentre community have so many issues that still remain unresolved. Thus we felt the need for an organised platform for all these people to share their concerns, their unresolved issues and their experiences. This need to bring into focus all the discrepancies of the global telecentre community prompted us to start the quarterly magazine on telecentres. Through this magazine, we aim to bring together some of the leading players and grassroots leaders to talk about their issues, concerns and experiences.

Built on CSDMS and’s deep commitment to collaboration, Telecentre Magazine (TM) will act as an interface between telecentre leaders, solution providers, knowledge repositories, and decision makers. The magazine will raise awareness about telecentres, serving as a platform for advocacy and the development of a stronger telecentre ecosystem. It will also act as a repository of knowledge with various success stories, failures and lessons learned from the field. Ultimately, this will help in sustainability and upscaling of telecentres around the globe. You may access the online version of the magazine at

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