Governance Projects

Governance Projects

CSDMS has undertaken several governance related projects over a period of time. Some of them are listed below –

Restructuring of Survey of India (SOI) and Capacity Building, Sep-Dec 2002
SOl had recognised that a critical review was required in respect of its mandate, mission, method of work, and professional and organisational structure to meet the user needs. Hence, with the aim of developing a strategic plan for the re-engineering of SOl to make it a user responsive organisation for sustainable economic growth of the country at local, regional, and national level, it was proposed to build strategy to chalk out the changing mandate and mission of Sol., new products and services expected by the users, methods of work, different options for financing Sol activities, professional restructuring of SOI Staff and organisational capacity building required for SOI.
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Gramchitra Participatory planning through community GIS project supported by Media Lab Asia envisaged the development of a participatory model with the help of the community, to demonstrate the role of maps, Geographic Information Systems, Global Positioning Systems and Remote Sensing in addressing various issues of a cluster of villages in North India.
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Capacity building of IT secretaries to use GIS for governance, Dec 2002
In an effort to support local government to best use spatial data for decision-making for development, CSDMS was invited by the Department of Information Technology (DIT), Government of India to build and conduct a capacity building programme for IT Secretaries of the States of India. The objective of the capacity building programme was to increases the officers awareness, understanding and skills for data and information management in local government and assists them them to identify the capacity building needs at local levels to manage, utilise and share spatial data and information more effectively.
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Capacity building of DST, GOI officials to use GIS for Earthquake Disaster Management
In an effort to support internal capacity building activities of Department of Science and Technology, GOI, and its related agencies to best use spatial data for decision-making for earthquakes prediction and mitigation, CSDMS was on invitation by DST, and conducted a capacity building programme for the officials.
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Capacity building of GIS for Disaster Management, March 2003
Natural disaster has shown in the last decades a drastic increase in magnitude and frequency, it is also imperative that there is a dramatic increase in technical capabilities to mitigate them. There was a need to train the professionals involved in research and implementation of disaster management plans to broaden their knowledge and develop skill sets on the on the use of various GIS applications in disaster management which include prevention, reduction or mitigation of risks, and planning for preparedness, response and recovery for the probable or real-time natural or human caused disasters.
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Capacity building through training workshop on GIS for environmental awareness for environmental officers
The Environment Agency in Abu Dhabi appointed the Centre for Science, Development and Media Studies (CSDMS) for conducting a six-day-workshop on integrating GIS in environment education for students. These programmes included studies of various ecosystems and the impact of humans on these ecosystems involving a number of qualitative and quantitative methods of study. CSDMS was involved in initiating and implementing GIS programmes and conducting training in GIS and its application for researchers, government officials and corporates. The aim of the exercise was to facilitate the environment awareness officers to integrate GIS in environmental training and awareness building programmes in schools. Integrating GIS in these studies would not only improve the scope of better analysis through spatial representation but would also build the capacities of the students in this new cutting edge technology of GIS.

Summary Assessment of e-Governance Projects
It aimed to conduct a rapid citizen centric assessment, besides collating a baseline database of existing projects which will be listed in a prescribed proforma/format. CSDMS was assigned to assess three eGovernance projects, namely, land records, property registration and transport for Uttarakhand.
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Voice for Innovation to strengthen the SMEs, 2007
CSDMS was invited by Microsoft to launch Voice for Innovation programme to give strength to the Indian manufacturing sector, especially the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) which in turn will be able to compete at the global level.
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