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India, over the past decade, has become a test bed for innovations in information and communication technologies (ICT) serving diverse sectors and segment of population. The hope that ICT can surmount at least some social, political, and administrative challenges and create a viable technology for the provision of health, education, and other social services is thus ICT’s strongest calling card. It is here where CSDMS comes in.

With an aim to use ICT innovatively, CSDMS – a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) located at Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India, has been actively involved in the field of development research since 1997, and is continuously striving towards achieving greater heights through a wide spectrum of research activities in the space of ICT4D (Information and Communication Technology for Development). The organisation aims to achieve its mandate of using ICT for development not only through the new advanced communication technology media, but also through traditional medium like print. The aim is to reach out to more and more people from all walks of life and to transform them into more aware citizens with the power of information.

Adopting a demand driven, collaborative and comprehensive approach, CSDMS believes in working with multiple partners and consultants to mutually share knowledge. The participatory and collaborative approach aims to create a dynamic group of stakeholders with unique complementary strengths or core competencies, who add value to development efforts and pool their resources and assets in solving problems.

The model of engagement includes:

  • Knowledge Sharing: Engagement with Communities of Practice and Key stakeholders not only in India but also across Globe.
  • Policy Dialogue: Sharing of learning, experiences and ideas from people and organisations working in ICT for Development.
  • Partnerships: Encourage and build focus groups with lead and member partnerships on various thematic issues lying therein.

The various activities of CSDMS are targeted to meet the needs of various stakeholders through effective research analysis, documentation and advocacy. The organisation has been engaged in development projects, knowledge management through appropriate knowledge-sharing tools like print and electronic media and building capacity through training programmes. The multicultural team of CSDMS has expertise across crosscutting disciplines and sectors.

The performance of ICT sector is widely held up as an example of the significant and positive effects that the ICT revolution can have for development. The impressive growth of the ICT sector is considered an indicator of the possibility of a much more widespread and deeper diffusion of ICT, particularly in achieving the goals set by the Millennium Declaration by allowing larger sections of the population to exploit or benefit from the benefits of the new technology.

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